This chart covers all of Dodge County’s sales tax remittance from the start in 1994 to 2016. The line chart covers the total remittance each month and the block chart covers most major debt services and capital projects. Hovering over any project in the list will highlight the project in the block chart.

In February 2017, this piece won first place for Digital Project and second place for Reporting on Local Government in the Wisconsin Newspaper Association annual Better Newspaper Contest.


This map places a 1,500 foot radius around a majority of sites such as churches, public parks, youth centers, schools and day care centers in Dodge County only. This map was made as an interactive companion to a series on 980 sex offender placement in Dodge County.


The second piece in a three-part series that examines the barriers preventing Beaver Dam’s downtown revitalization efforts from progressing. The series focusing on numerous vacant properties and the downtown business scene. The data used involves assessed property values, property square footage and local vs. out-of-town business ownership to paint an accurate picture of a glaring issue.

In February 2016, this series won first place for Digital Project – Limited Duration or Single Story and it received an honorable mention in the Enterprise/Interpretive Reporting in the Wisconsin Newspaper Association annual Better Newspaper Contest.

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These two charts examine more than 10 years of complaints from businesses holding a liquor license in Mayville, Wis. One chart visualizes the various complaints from each establishment while the other displays the total amount of complaints.

Beaver Dam dangerous intersections bar chart

This visualization covers the most dangerous intersections in Beaver Dam from 2005-2015. Each street listed details the amount of incidents that occurred per year.

BD school complaints bar chart

These bar charts show just the truancy, municipal citations and complaint reports Beaver Dam school police liaison officers heard during the 2014-2015 and 2013-2014 school years.


Every week, I create an interactive map that compiles all of the Beaver Dam police reports over the previous week using Google Maps. Each report is placed at the approximate location that it occurred, color coded and includes a description of the report.

Here are some my most recent police report maps.