interactive timeline

A timeline and map that attempts to establish a timeline of a death in Fox Lake, Wisconsin.

This interactive timeline involves video, audio interviews and photos that help chronicle the 2008 flooding in Dodge County, Wisconsin.


A feature story that includes a photo gallery that is accompanied by brief audio interviews with a local musician. Due to a website redesign the audio packages that originally accompanied the photo gallery can be found embedded below:

audio slideshow

This audio slideshow was packaged with a piece on the Beaver Dam Chamber of Commerce’s building renovations leading up to their 100th anniversary.


When the moment seems appropriate, I will shoot Instagram clips.

Below is a slow motion pig racing montage video, which turned out to be quirky part of a profile about a pig racer who attends the Dodge County Fair every year.

This is a brief montage of Dodge County, Wisconsin K-9s being trained to locate drugs as part of a profile about the Dodge County K-9 master trainer.